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Toothpaste: Clean teeth AND treat Acne?

Posted By Mandy on Oct 15, 2010 at 8:07PM

So I'm either the last person to know about this or it doesn't seem to be very common. I googled "Home remedy acne treatment" the other week and low and behold toothpaste was in many of the concoctions people put together.

So what did I do? I ran to the bathroom, grabbed my red hot cinnamon toothpaste and slathered my face up. I waited a good 10 minutes and then jumped into the shower to make sure I got it all off. Viola. My face felt amazingly smooth and clean. I have done this about twice a week now for about two weeks and my acne is now almost nonexistent.

My only question, if the toothpaste contains "whitening agents", will it lighten the skin tone? What, its a legit question I'd say.

Have you tried toothpaste to treat acne? If not, would you?

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October 21

Posted By KUB on Oct 22, 2006 at 1:40PM

Cyanoacrylate, commonly known as “super glue,” bonds leather, rubber, ceramic, china, paper, wood, metal, most plastics, and me.

I suited up and paddled out through a head high set of close outs. The waves were poorly shaped and had little power -not as good as yesterday. After a very short right shut down on me I got stuck heading back out to the line up. The next wave crashed on my back knocking me around and pulled me from my board (I let go of the board –my knees are not 100% yet). I felt my board fly past me in the rolling wave and strike my right hand hard and fast. Open wounds burn in the salt water. I paddled in to shore to seek medical attention in the form of Cortney Lynn’s tank top, which I used to control the bleeding. Cortney Lynn insisted on heading immediately to the hospital for stitches. I drove home.

The laceration was an inch and a half and deep –through the fatty pad bellow the fingers and into the muscle. A quarter inch higher and I may have lost a finger or two. Other than the discomfort of the injury I had normal movement and sensation in my hand. As I fix things for a living, here is my kitchen home remedy, how-to:

hydrogen peroxide
sterile saline solution
2” square sterile gauze
2” rolled gauze
2” Coban wrap (self adhering “Ace” bandage –these are great)
cotton balls/swabs
Advil or other non steroidal anti-inflammatory
paper tape
Super Glue –Loctite’s “Goof Proof” is my choice

mineral water
cut citrus

Wash the wound with soap and water. Clean and irrigate the wound with a mixture, 3:1, of hydrogen peroxide and sterile saline.

Apply pressure and elevate wound for at least five minutes to stop bleeding prior to setting and dressing the wound. Take Advil.

Line up the laceration …sort of like putting the handle back on a broken coffee cup.

Apply super glue to “sew” the wound back together. Because of the shape and depth of my injury I chose nine stitch points. Allow this to dry or “cure” and then reapply a “seam” of super glue along the length of the wound.

While wound is setting mix ice, vodka, mineral water, and citrus (I was out of lemons so I substituted a splash of Cointreau) for pain management in a glass. Repeat as necessary.

Cover the wound with Neosporin and sterile gauze. Use tape to lightly hold this in place. Then wrap the hand with rolled gauze around the wound and over the wrist to stabilize the dressing. Lastly, cover the dressing with the Coban wrap to hold it all in place and help keep the wound clean.

Neat. -KUB

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